Here's Why Reality Augments Are Not in Fortnite OG

Fortnite OG does not have Reality Augments.
Fortnite OG does not have Reality Augments. / Epic Games

Among the many changes in Fortnite OG, Epic Games removed Reality Augments from the Battle Royale.

Fortnite OG is here for all players looking to travel back to 2017 Fortnite. The OG map, including famous POIs like Titled Towers, Pleasant Park, and Retail Row, is finally back outside of Fortnite Creative 2.0. Now, both old and new players can experience the glory days of Epic Games' Battle Royale.

The massive update comes with plenty of changes beyond the map, including new weapons, extra mobility, and a fresh Battle Pass. Along with fan-favorite vaulted weapons, Reality Augments are notably missing in Fortnite OG.

So, why are Reality Augments not in Fortnite OG?

Here's Why Reality Augments Are Not in Fortnite OG

Reality Augments are not in Fortnite OG after becoming a staple in Fortnite Chapter 4. Since they were not included in the original Fortnite Chapter 1, Epic Games decided to remove them for the remainder of the Chapter.

The perks would have felt out of place in an OG season, especially without other Chapter 4 features, like Holo Chests and Combat Caches. Although losing powerful Reality Augments like First Shotgun and Game Time are blows to the community, their absence ultimately allows for authentic 2017 gameplay.

Will Fortnite Chapter 5 Have Reality Augments?

As of now, it is unknown if Fortnite Chapter 5 will have Reality Augments. Typically, Epic Games does not carry over specific Chapter features to new updates. It is very possibly we have seen the last of Reality Augments in Fortnite.

Although the in-game perks debuted with some skepticism among the community, they quickly became a seamless aspect of the game. The right Reality Augments came in handy, providing ammo, heals, and extra damage in times of need.

Stay tuned for more Chapter 5 updates as Fortnite OG unfolds.