Hextech Tristana Skin Splash Art, Price, Release Date

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Hextech Tristana is the newest addition to League of Legends' collection of gemstone skins. The skin is predicted to be released alongside the Pentakill skins in Patch 11.18. Here is everything you need to know about the new Hextech Tristana skin.

Hextech Tristana Skin Splash Art

Hextech Tristana follows the Hextech Universe theme of futuristic technology and artificial intelligence. The skin splash art features Tristana saluting in a full purple colored suit of armor. On her back is a futuristic back piece resembling a gemstone.

Hextech Tristana Price

Hextech Tristana will cost 10 gemstones when the skin arrives on live servers.

Hextech Tristana Release Date

Hextech Tristana will likely arrive with Patch 11.18 which is scheduled to ship on Thursday, Sept. 9.

How to Get Hextech Tristana

Players will need to acquire 10 gemstones via loot boxes and purchases in order to purchase Hextech Tristana.