Hidden Achievements in The Finals

The Finals is one of the most popular games on Steam.
The Finals is one of the most popular games on Steam. / Embark

The Finals hasn’t been out for a long time, but it has become one of the top 10 games on Steam. FPS players are going crazy over the multiplayer online game, and its fan base continues to grow. It has earned an all-time peak player count of 242,619 people on the platform. The Fanials’ builds, weapons, and various environments are perfect for gamers who crave action and like to show off their skills. 

Like other titles, The Finals has achievements. They’re pretty easy to miss and hard to pull off, so we found a list of every achievement in the game.

Hidden Achievements in The Finals

There are 50 achievements in The Finals, six of which are hidden. Exploshen posted them on Steam

  • Artful Expressionist: Eliminate an opponent while you are emoting
  • Sky Bridge Saboteur: Destroy the sky bridge in Seoul
  • Space Rock Skipper: Bounce a meteor off a Jump Pad during the Meteor Showers event
  • Blast Caster: Place an Explosive Mine on a carriable and get an elimination by throwing it at an opponent
  • Showboaster: Use an emote after eliminating an opponent
  • Butter Fingers: Get eliminated by your own grenade

Players may want to know if The Finals supports cross-progression or if it’s Steam Deck compatible