Apex Legends

Hidden Apex Buff Lets Wattson Place 30 Fences in Arenas

Wattson can now place a staggering number of fences in Arenas.
Wattson can now place a staggering number of fences in Arenas. / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/EA

An undocumented change in Apex Legends appears to allow Wattson to place 30 fences in Arenas, giving her a sizable but ultimately niche buff.

Apex Legends player u/BreezePosts uploaded footage of the buff in action to the game's subreddit, deploying fence after fence in a game of Arenas.

"Despite not being in the patch notes, I believe Wattson was supposed to have a default of 3 fences in Arenas now," they wrote in their post. "They.. uh.. accidentally added a zero."

This change represents a significant buff to Wattson's ability to control space, but it is only situationally useful. Any time spent deploying fences is time spent failing to support teammates in a firefight. Given the short rounds in Arenas, it's unclear this buff will make much meaningful difference. Additionally, reinforcing a single location in Arenas is next to useless, as the circle moves too quickly for it to make much of a difference.

It's unclear whether or not development studio Respawn Entertainment intended this buff, or if it expected the buff to affect Wattson's viability in Arenas.