Hidden High Value Loot Zone Discovered in Warzone

Caldera's high value loot zones don't always display correctly.
Caldera's high value loot zones don't always display correctly. / Image courtesy of Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone players have combed through every inch of the game's most recent map, Caldera, but there are always new secrets to uncover. Their latest discovery: a landing spot that the in-game map doesn't mark as a high value loot zone, but that sports high value loot all the same.

High value loot zones are areas on Caldera that the designers highlight for quality of their loot in the in-game map. This helps players decide where to drop: Will they risk the swarms of enemies in pursuit of the best loot on offer? Or will they parachute somewhere more relaxed, building up their gear over time?

These locations shift match to match, but Reddit user u/LebSonny says Power Plant, a point of interest located in the southwest corner of Caldera, is frequently a high value loot zone, even if it isn't marked on the map.

According to LebSonny, every match on Caldera should have four designated high value loot zones, but occasionally only three appear on the map. In those cases, the fourth location is (apparently) always Power Plant.

Warzone Season 5: Last Stand is slated for release Wednesday.