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Hidden Mirage Buff Included in Apex Legends Patch 1.2

Mirage received an unlisted buff to his ultimate in Apex Legends Patch 1.2.

Mirage received a hidden buff in Apex Legends Patch 1.2, making it so that his ultimate now makes him fully invisible for its duration.

Mirage's ultimate originally deployed a team of decoy Mirages, while Mirage himself turned somewhat invisible. Eagle-eyed Apex players were still able to see him, however, as he remained visible if players looked close enough.

In Patch 1.2, Respawn Entertainment stated in the bug fix section that it had fixed this, writing "fixed [a] bug where cloaked Mirage was too noticeable." Whether or not that effect was truly a bug and not a poorly received balance decision remains unknown.

Whatever the reason, Mirage can now turn completely invisible during his ultimate, making it exceedingly easy to catch enemies off-guard.

Counter play still exists, as Mirage's feet still kick up dust when he runs, but Mirage players are celebrating the change regardless.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts