Hide and Seek Fortnite Code: 3 Creative Modes You Need to Try

Use a creative code to play hide and seek in Fortnite.
Use a creative code to play hide and seek in Fortnite. | Photo by Epic Games

Hide and Seek Fortnite code is your ticket to some interesting takes on the playground classic. There are dozens of creative modes to play Hide and Seek in Fortnite Creative. Here are three of the coolest Hide and Seek maps you need to play in Fortnite Creative Mode.

Everyone knows the rules to hide and seek. One player is the seeker, and counts while the other players hide. The game is over when all the players are found, or after time is up. In Fortnite, the seeker shoots at the hiding players to tag them.

To use these codes, head into Creative Mode and look for a featured rift. Interact with it and punch these in to play Hide and Seek.

Honey I Shrunk the Skins by Team_Evolve - 7133-6656-4742

This map has you play Hide and Seek, but inside a giant house. The attention to detail in the map is incredible with lots of places to hide.

Carnival Hide and Seek by MTL_RELLIK - 8698-8038-7328

Carnival Hide and Seeks puts you inside an amusement park. The map is rife with tiny crevasses to hide in, giving any seeker a run for their money.

The Mall is Closing by InGameCarnageig - 5942-4943-2271

Ever wanted to play in a mall after hours? The updated version of the map is a bit brighter, but if you want to go in full closing mode you can use the code 3227-8700-3877. To act out classic zombie movie scenarios, switch teams when you're caught to become a seeker.