Hideo Kojima Reportedly Working on New Horror Game, Titled Overdose

Hideo Kojima
Hideo Kojima / Image courtesy of Hiromichi Uchida

Hideo Kojima is reportedly making his steps back into horror, with a new game rumored to be in the works with the current title "Overdose."

The report comes via Tom Henderson for Try Hard Guides, who had apparently been anonymously sent some early footage from the game's development. Kojima appears to be reuniting with actress Margaret Qualley, who featured as Mama in the Metal Gear Solid director's last game Death Stranding.

In the footage, Qualley is reportedly seen in a blue dress walking through a dark corridor. According to Henderson, the character is followed in third person though there exists evidence of first-person camera control as well. The footage ends with a jump scare and the message "GAMEOVER" followed by "A Hideo Kojima Game" and "OVERDOSE."

It was previously hinted at that a sequel to Death Stranding was in development, after actor Norman Reedus, who portrays protagonist Sam Porter Bridges, let slip in an interview with lifestyle site Leo that development for part two had just started.

Kojima himself has yet to officially confirm whether or not this is true, and given Qualley's involvement in the original Death Stranding there's been speculation that the footage which Henderson received was somehow related. However, Henderson seems to confirm in the article that the footage doesn't seem to be that of Death Stranding 2.

Adding more fuel to rumors of a possible announcement is the upcoming Summer Games Fest. Kojima had previously appeared in a zoom call with long-time friend and Summer Games Fest creator Geoff Keighley, last week. Perhaps an announcement could be making an appearance during the upcoming showcase.