High Calibre Battle Pass Details

Photo by Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege's newest season, High Calibre, is out. Now it is time to take a look at the new battle pass details.

The new battle pass contains tons of new content like packs, weapon skins, operator skins, and opportunities for Rainbow Six Siege credits.

High Calibre Battle Pass Details

With every new battle pass coming out each season, fans of Rainbow Six Siege have new unlockable gear such as weapon skins, operator skins, R6 Credits, and much more to grind for.

Along with the new battle pass, we see the introduction of the newest Operator, Thorn.

Thorn is seen as a new Anchor Operator that wields a lethal projectile device called the Razorbloom Shell. It can stick to any surface onto which Thorn throws it. Once it detects any enemy walking by, it shoots a sharp set of lethal blades in all directions.

Like every other battle pass, you will have three payment levels. Those are the free track, premium track, and premium bundle.

The free track is limited with what you can earn but it is automatically available when you load up the game.

The premium track gives you full access to the entire battle pass for $10, and the $20 premium bundle does the same in addition to skipping 12 tiers of the battle pass for you.