Highly Leaves the Seoul Dynasty to Sign With the London Spitfire

Sung-hyeok "Highly" Lee has left the Seoul Dynasty to join the London Spitfire.

The news was shared first by the London Spitfire and then the Seoul Dynasty said their farewell to Highly.

The Seoul Dynasty shared a statement about the move, "It was a great time with the most adorable support in the league in 2019. We say goodbye to 'Highly" as he will join the London Spitfire for the upcoming season. He impacted all of us by scoring the first kill in his debut match. Along with Highly, Gen.G OWC "Glister' and 'SanguiNar' will join the London Spitfire. We thank you all three players and wish them the best in their futures. Once a tiger, always a tiger."

The Seoul Dynasty has struggled since the inaugural season of the Overwatch League. Touted as one of the best teams, they failed to make it to the finals both years and even struggled throughout the normal season. 2020 seems to be a complete overhaul as the team looks to bounce back

Photo courtesy of Seoul Dynasty