Hiko Spectre Nerf: Why the Valorant Player Wants a Nerf

The Spectre has become one of Valorant's best guns in the game, and 100 Thieves' Hiko explained why the Spectre needs a nerf. | Photo by Riot Game.

With the warring debate on which gun is better in Valorant that is always raging, 100 Thieves' Spencer "Hiko" Martin, took to Twitch to convey his feelings on why the Spectre needs a nerf.

Hiko Spectre Nerf: Why the Valorant Player Wants a Nerf

The Spectre in Valorant is an SMG that has had great success in ranked queues, especially since the Stinger, also an SMG, has had a significant nerf to it already. As Hiko streamed on Wednesday, he reviewed some of the guns when his chat was asking what are viable guns for the earlier rounds of the match.

He said, "One of the SMGs needs to be good and one of them needs to be viable, if not both. I think the Spectre is just too good at medium-to-long range." Hiko added that the Stinger did have some success before its update, however, the Spectre is the better half between the two since the Stinger cannot be effective in medium-range engagements anymore.

The reason why he's proposing a nerf for the Spectre was that he found it "frustrating" that the power of the gun in the early rounds allows players to get a large advantage over others that are struggling after the first pistol round in the game.

"It's more or less just frustrating to get like double-or-triple-headshot from across the map because then you're like 'boom,' you're just dead," he said.

Though Hiko made the discussion seem like the Spectre is the end-all-be-all gun of the game, he said that it wasn't that great of a gun, rather he would like to see a balance of the two SMGs to not make both of them "useless."