Hilarious Hanzo Ult Fail Accidentally Kills Himself

Hilarious Hanzo ultimate fail: Hanzo accidentally kills himself.
Hilarious Hanzo ultimate fail: Hanzo accidentally kills himself. / Image courtesy of Blizzard

In a clip posted on Reddit, a Hanzo uses his ultimate while falling into the Ilios well for no apparent reason. He fails to kill any enemies with the ultimate, but his team doesn't look like they're losing the teamfight without him.

The video was posted by u/Sissasquatch and was taken from the Baptiste's point of view. The strange part about the clip is how far the Hanzo flies backwards while using his ultimate. Perhaps he was trying to dash backwards for some strange reason or bow and arrows suddenly got the kickback from Soldier 76's Helix Rockets.

The comments had a field day with the puns from "let the well consume me" to "the well hunts for its prey" based on Hanzo's voicelines. This clip is one of many showing someone using their ultimate because Overwatch relies on ultimate abilities heavily but they can be hit or miss. Sometimes a Hanzo player gets lucky and takes out a Junkrat tire, but other times they fall into the well.