Hilarious Overwatch BugTurns Doomfist into a Golden Warrior

Courtesy of Activision Blizzard

The famous Golden weapon skin for Overwatch is a mark of prestige for players, signifying your skill as a main of that character. However, why have a golden weapon, when you can have golden everything! That question was asked after an Overwatch player noticed a bugged-out Doomfist model that covered him in gold armor. It seems that Doomfist's rework extends to much more than just his switch to Tank.

On the April 27, Twitter user Proto_VI showcased a screenshot of another player's Doomfist model completely covered in golden clothing. The weird glitch was explained as a texture bug relating to one of the in-game skins. If you equip the London Spitfire skin and put on a golden Doomfist gauntlet, the model will bug out and cover you head to toe in gold.

Many Twitter users were quick to point out how cool the model was, and wondered why Blizzard haven't released an awesome gold skin already. "Don't patch this," One user begged in the chat, "Keep his gold drip." Unfortunately, it looks like Blizzard has no plans, as of now, to release this type of skin, despite the pleas of its audience. It's a shame, as just texturing Doomfist gold would look cool as hell. Blizzard could even throw it in Volume 2 for the Overwatch anniversary event, to compensate for the lack of new skins.

Hopefully, a golden skin like this will make its way to Overwatch 2, as looking like you've been touched by King Midas himself is not a super cool look.