Apex Legends

Hints Suggest Skull Town POI May Return in Apex Legends Season 14

"Say hello to Kings Canyon's new relic."
"Say hello to Kings Canyon's new relic." / Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

It appears Respawn Entertainment is looking to bring the longtime, fan-favorite Kings Canyon point of interest, Skull Town, back to Apex Legends.

Of the all-time hottest of drops in Apex Legends, Skull Town has been gone from the game since Season 5, with Respawn only briefly bringing it back for special occasions such as the Genesis Collection Event about a year ago. Spotted by those in the community with sharp eyes, however, there are some bread crumbs being left by Respawn that suggest Skull Town could be back very soon.

As tweeted on July 21 by prominent Apex Legends leaker KralRindo, a pair of magazines left in the newly added Lifeline’s Clinic on Olympus reveals that the "Salvage Operation" is complete on Kings Canyon and its "new relic" is ready to be visited.

Skull Town, of course, has remained completely out of bounds after a chain of explosions in an abandoned simulacra facility caused both it and the Thunderdome to collapse into the ocean.

It is worth mentioning as well that the Easter egg also mentions news unfolding about Boreas, Seers' homeworld, and its shattered moon, Cleo. Many fans theorize Boreas will be the next Apex Legends arena.

Another sign pointing towards Skull Town's return is the Apex Legends Gaiden Event trailer taking place in the out-of-commission POI.

With there still remaining plenty of time until Season 13 actually ends, it will be interesting to see if any other hints are given by Respawn in the coming weeks.