Hitman 3 Switch Price Explained

Hitman 3 Switch Price
Hitman 3 Switch Price / Photo Courtesy of IO Interactive

Hitman 3’s Switch price has been a constant in players’ minds since the newest game by IO Interactive was announced. The Nintendo Switch version of the game does something that not many other releases have tried, it is entirely playable through the cloud. It’s even named Hitman 3: Cloud Version. The game is actually not purchasable on a cartridge for the Nintendo Switch.

Hitman 3 Switch Price

Hitman 3’s Switch Price requires going through a bit of a process to even reach. First, players must download Hitman 3: Cloud Version from the Eshop. The download itself is free, and purchasing the game will happen inside the Hitman client. Like most other games it will cost $60 USD or $90 USD for the deluxe edition, but in order to even purchase the game, players must first play a bit of the demo.

Once the client is downloaded onto one’s Switch, then open up the game. Play through it for a few minutes, then the option to purchase will become available. For some reason, the game is only purchasable after three minutes of playtime in the demo. But once that three-minute threshold is reached there should be no problems purchasing the game or playing it.

Hitman 3’s usage of cloud streaming services to play the game on Switch has rarely been done on the console. In recent years the advent of streaming games has become an enticing proposition to many companies. Google released their Google Stadia, Nvidia has their own game streaming service, and now it seems that the Switch is building up a small library of streamable games. Last year, Control did a similar release scheme on the Switch, and while there was certainly input lag it was still playable. One can only hope that the technology and latency will continue to improve.