Hogwarts Legacy Character Creator Screenshot Posted to Reddit

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Games

A screenshot of the Hogwarts Legacy character creator has just been revealed. The screenshot shows various customization options available for players to choose from.

Since the initial reveal of Hogwarts Legacy back in 2020, the game has had limited information revealed about all aspects of the game. The open-world RPG will see the player take the role of a student at Hogwarts taking classes and fighting against enemies of the Wizarding World. In Hogwarts Legacy, those enemies are a Goblin rebellion led by Ranrok and a Dark Wizard named Victor Rookwood.

Hogwarts Legacy Character Creator

Despite the general lack of information about Hogwarts Legacy in the past two years, more information has been coming out with the game's release in only a few months. At the Autodesk Vision Series, a screenshot of the character creator was revealed.

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Games

The screenshot shows a preset selection of outfits as well as other tabs that likely allow the player to make specific alterations to their school uniforms. Given that all players must wear a school uniform, there is an impressive amount of customization from whether to wear a bowtie or a tie, and what type of vest or jacket to wear.

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