Hogwarts Legacy Merlin's Trials: How to Get Merlin's Cloak

Warner Bros. Games

Wondering how to get your hands on Merlin's Cloak in Hogwarts Legacy, and how to complete Merlin's Trials? Here's what you need to know.

Hogwarts Legacy, the latest RPG from Warner Bros. Games, takes players into the Wizarding World of the 1800s. With an original story, players find themselves as students beginning their journey at Hogwarts as fifth years. Throughout the game, players will visit a variety of locations, new and familiar, encounter magical creatures and learn a wide selection of spells to aid their journey.

There's plenty of cosmetic items and collectables to find and unlock throughout the open world of Hogwarts Legacy, and plenty of puzzles to solve that will expand your abilities and gameplay. One such feature is Merlin's Trials.

Hogwarts Legacy: What Are Merlin's Trials?

Merlin's Trials in Hogwarts Legacy are short, exploration challenges that, once completed, expand your Gear Inventory Slots. The more slots you have, the more you can take with you on your journey and the less you have to sell or abandon.

There are 95 Merlin's Trials scattered throughout the world, enough to keep you busy for an extended period of time.

How to Unlock Merlin's Trials in Hogwarts Legacy

To begin tackling Merlin's Trials, you'll need to complete the Trials of Merlin main mtory quest in Lower Hogsfield.

After this, you'll begin to find them out in the wild. But, in order to initiate them, you'll need Mallowsweet Leaves. You'll be given five Mallowsweet Leaves to start you off by Nora Treadwell, but with so many more trials to complete you'll need to get your hands on some more.

Mallowsweet Leaves can be bought from vendors in The Highlands, but their inventory runs out quickly and it takes a few days for more to come back in stock. Another way is to purchase the ability to grow Mallowsweet from The Magic Neep in Hogsmeade.

You'll need to complete your first Herbology class, after which you'll unlock the ability to grow your own Mallowsweet in the Greenhouses and in the Room of Requirement.

How to Get Merlin's Cloak in Hogwarts Legacy

Trials aren't the only thing to Merlin's name in Hogwarts Legacy. You can unlock Merlin's Cloak as part of the Hogwarts Legacy Launch Week Twitch Drops. Players will need to specifically tune into the Avalanche Software Twitch channel to earn it as a bonus reward.

The Merlin's Cloak Hogwarts Legacy Twitch Drops are only available from Feb. 7 up until Feb. 10, 2023. Check out our guide for all the Twitch Drops happening during this time.