Hollow Knight Silk Song Release Date Information

Photo Courtesy of Xbox

Information about the release date of the new installment to the Hollow Knight series, Silksong, has been released. Rather the release time frame instead of the release date.

Silksong was originally intended to be a DLC for the previous Hollow Knight. Later gameplay was shown at E3 in 2019. But since then little has been heard about it.

What is Hollow Knight Silksong and When is it Coming Out?

You are the Hollow Knight as you explore the large ancient kingdom located underground. As you venture through the story, you upgrade your abilities and become stronger. Along your journey, you will fight smaller enemies and much larger and stronger bosses.

Hollow Knight Silksong is the sequel to the original Hollow Knight game which came out in February of 2017. The release date for Silksong is currently unknown, but according to Xbox executive Sarah Bond, all games that were shown at the recent Xbox and Bethesda game showcase will be released within the next 12 months. This would later be confirmed on Twitter by Xbox.

In addition to announcing the release date time frame, Microsoft also released a trailer for Hollow Knight Silksong. This trailer shows off new combat, new enemies, new locations and a new protagonist, Hornet.