Hollow Knight: Silksong ESRB Rating Revealed

Silksong might be coming sooner than we think.
Silksong might be coming sooner than we think. / Team Cherry

Silksong, the sequel to the excellent and sometimes unforgiving Metroidvania called Hollow Knight, was first revealed on February 14, 2019. Team Cherry initially scheduled Silksong's release for the first half of 2023. 

Fans were psyched for its arrival, but development was delayed as the title became larger than expected. Team Cherry didn't give any updates about Silksong until recently.

Hollow Knight: Silksong ESRB Rating Revealed

Hollow Knight PR handler Mattew Griffin and Xbox Senior Content Planning Manager Nick Zuclich posted news about Silksong. The game finally got a Microsoft Store page.  

Microsoft announced that Silksong would come to the platform a while ago, but this is the first time it showed up on the website for players to wishlist.

Everyone thought the Twitter/X posts were jokes since they appeared on April 1. If they were April Fools' jokes, the developers would have set the record straight by now.

Silksong's Xbox page also has an ESRB rating. The sequel is rated "everyone 10+" with "fantasy violence" and "mild blood." Silksong has been on Steam, the Nintendo eShop, and the PS Store for years, but none of these listings have an ESRB rating for the highly anticipated title.

According to prominent news sources, like KotakuScreen Rant, and Yahoo!, an ESRB rating implies a game is almost completed. Although exceptions exist, titles are typically released a few months after the Electronic Software Rating Board rates them. 

We might join Hornet on her journey sooner than people may think.