HoloCure Character Tier List

Photo Courtesy of HoloCure

HoloCure is a new game, soon to be available for download. HoloCure is a gacha game, which includes mechanics such as players earning in-game currency to spend and unlock virtual items.

The style of HoloCure is similar to the 2021 game, Vampire Survivors. There are 11 characters that you can choose from. The game takes place in the YouTube universe and you must use weapons and abilities to fend off the crazy fans trying to get to you.

HoloCure Character Tier List


1. Gura

If built correctly, Gura can be a practically invincible character to play as. With her healing abilities, you can go AFK and still survive.

2. Mumei

Mumei can be an offensive powerhouse if built correctly. With her already strong weapon, her pet adds even more damage by it mimicking your weapon.


3. Baelz

Baelz also has the capability to be an offensive powerhouse due to her increased critical. She has a 4x critical multiplier and can reach 100% critical chance.

4. Sana

Sana has a big damage area of effect attack that damages many opponents. The downside of Sana is that she can be extremely effective on offense, but is rather weak on defense.


5. Fauna

Fauna is the first character in the B-Tier due to her defensive style of play. In the later rounds, Fauna can put your character in danger as you need to pick your saplings.

6. IRyS

IRyS is a character that will help you survive longer in the game. But you are spending that time surviving and healing rather than attacking.

7. Kronii

Kronii is similar to IRyS due to the fact that she can survive for a while. But that surviving is also very defensive.


8. Ninomae

Ninomae is primarily good at picking up XP. The XP is dropped when her conversion ability is used, but that's about it for her.

9. Kiara

Kiara is not the character if you want to AFK and watch the game unfold. With her "bonus damage if you move" you are forced to be constantly moving to deal the extra damage.


10. Amelia

The only great ability about Amelia is her dog. Her dog runs around and collects XP for you, but besides that, she is not as good as the other characters.

11. Mori

Mori is a character that has a chance to go far into the game with her auto-kill ability. But, that ability is very rare and does not occur often.