HoloCure Collab Weapons Guide

Photo Courtesy of HoloCure

HoloCure is a brand new gacha game where you choose one of 11 characters to fight off your crazy followers. Collabs are available for all of the characters in the game and each different collaboration can unlock and make the character stronger.

What is a Collab?

A collab in HoloCure is a combination of your weapon and an item that results in an extremely powerful kit. These destructive kits are valued in HoloCure as they help your character progress through the rounds. Currently, there are only eight collabs available in the game, but it is expected that more will be released.

All HoloCure Collabs

Each Collab features the combination of an item and a weapon. Once the two are combined, you will be awarded your collab weapon. Here are all eight of the currently available collabs that are in HoloCure:

BL Fujoshi

- BL Book and Psycho Axe

Breath-In Type Asacoco

- Holo Bomb and Plug Type Asacoco

Dragon Fire

Plug Type Asacoco and Fan Beam

Elite Cooking

Elite Lava Bucket and Spider Cooking

Flattening Board

Holo Bomb and Cutting Board

Idol Concert

Glowstick and Idol Song

Light Beam

Glowstick and Fan Beam


Elite Lava Bucket and Psycho Axe