Homeworld 3 Release Date: What We know

Homeworld 3's release date is set for 2022.
Homeworld 3's release date is set for 2022. / Photo courtesy of Blackbird Interactive

Homeworld 3's release date has yet to be set in stone, but Blackbird Interactive and Gearbox Publishing have shared a general window for when the game is expected to arrive.

After initially being revealed during the E3 Gearbox presentation as the series' first mainline game officially in production since 2003, the details surrounding Homeworld 3 has remained a hot topic in the gaming world in recent weeks.

Homeworld 3 Release Date: What We know

According to both Blackbird Interactive and Gearbox Publishing's websites, Homeworld 3 remains to have an estimated release target of Q4 2022.

Q4 is the last quarter of the financial year for most organizations, and traditionally falls between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31.

Thanks to a successful Fig crowdfunding campaign, Homeworld 3 is in the midst of its production with Gearbox as Blackbird Interactive looks to deliver the long-awaited next chapter of the beloved space-faring RTS franchise.

From the title's story, to its fully 3D combat and classic RTS elements, Blackbird Interactive is focusing on "returning the series to its roots."

Here is Blackbird Interactive's official synopsis on what the new real time strategy will have in store for fans:

Homeworld 3 is all about the space battles. Seeing your fighters maneuver between debris fields of larger capital ships while they're being broadsided by distant torpedo hits. We're excited to bring more epic space battles into Homeworld universe. ... With Homeworld 3, our first priority is to deliver a game that immediately looks, sounds, and feels like Homeworld. We aim to nail that incredible scale of space and conflict and deliver a powerful story that picks up just at the end of Homeworld 2.

While we feel Gearbox's June presentation was the biggest loser from E3 2021, perhaps Homeworld 3 will be a major part of their winning formula come next year.