Houndoom’s Mega Evolution Pokemon GO Unlocked by Players

Pokemon Go players have unlocked Houndoom's Mega Evolution and Raids.
Pokemon Go players have unlocked Houndoom's Mega Evolution and Raids. / Photo Courtesy of Niantic

Houndoom’s Mega Evolution in Pokemon GO was unlocked by players. The in-game event kicks off on Tuesday, Sept. 29, so here is everything that you need to know if you plan on catching this awesome hound for yourself.

Being a Dark and Fire-type Pokemon, Houndoom is strong against many of the other types especially Grass and Psychic-type Pokemon, but that does not make it unbeatable.

Houndoom's four main weaknesses are Rock, Fighting, Water, and Ground types. Pokemon like Rhyperior, Blastoise, Lucario, Machamp, and Swampert are only a few suggested Pokemon to consider having with you if you are planning on participating in this raid.

Pokemon GO Players Unlock Houndoom’s Mega Evolution and Raids

Houndoom will not go down easy, you can bet that this devilish hound will have a few tricks up its sleeve to avoid capture. The hound of the grim reaper, as some people call it has an array of moves that will make attempting to capture it miserable. Its dark moves Snarl, Crunch, and Foul Play can easily flip the script in a battle.

However, Houndoom's raid is not the only one that is going down this week. One of the three legendary birds from the Kanto region known as Zaptos will be making its presence felt too. It appears the devs seem to be in a giving mood as of late, because just last week Articuno, another one of the three legendary Kanto birds made an appearance as well.