How Big is Naraka: Bladepoint's Download Size?

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How big is Naraka: Bladepoint's download size?

Naraka: Bladepoint is a popular battle royale that was released on August 11, 2021. Since its release, the game has become increasingly popular and just released on all consoles on June 23.

The game is so popular in fact, it was present at the Xbox Bethesda game showcase, where it was announced that the game will be available on day one on the Xbox Game Pass. What makes the game so unique from other popular battle royales, is that the combat is mostly focused on melee. The melee battles make for intense close quarters combat and challenge the player to master mechanics such as blocking and parrying.

How Big is Naraka: Bladepoint's Download Size?

With Naraka: Bladepoint now being available on Xbox, fans who have to worry about file size and console storage are interested in how much space the game will take up.

On PC Naraka: Bladepoint is listed at 19.7 GB and the Xbox version seems to have the same file size. Players who are interested in downloading Naraka: Bladepoint should make sure to have at least 20 GB of space, which actually is a lot smaller than other battle royales such as Warzone, which is a whopping 100 GB.