How Big is the Haunting of Verdansk Update?

How big is the Haunting of Verdansk update including all its primary content
How big is the Haunting of Verdansk update including all its primary content / Activision, Infinity Ward

How big is the Haunting of Verdansk Update may dictate whether or not some players will have the opportunity to launch directly into its content.

The long anticipated Halloween event—the Haunting of Verdansk—has finally arrived for Call of Duty: Warzone players. The event includes a variety of modes and festivities including trick-or-treat, a nighttime map shift, and an entirely new battle royale featuring one beloved enemy—zombies.

Here's what we can tell you about its size and content.

How Big is the Haunting of Verdansk Update

The Haunting of Verdansk update should be rather small, a simple Game Settings patch around 20GB according to some players. It has just gone live at the time of writing, likely already being downloaded and installed by thousands of players along the east coast. The event will run from Oct. 20 to Nov. 3, 2020.

Verdansk has been cast into darkness for the rest of the month. Players now have the option to run through the haunted terrain in the pitch-black night with only the glow of the moon to guide them. In this same vein, the fan-favorite enemy, zombies have made their return to the map for a limited time in a new battle royale setting.

Players will be shown quite a few tricks alongside their unlockable treats. The map will be full of horror-based Easter eggs from Jigsaw taking over television screens to a chainsaw-wielding NPC hanging around Krovnik farm. The Train Station may even come alive with the operations of a ghost train, carrying the souls lost in the Gulag. All of this, on top of supply crates carrying Halloween-themed "treats" like blueprints and charms, can be found in every match.

Finally, the in-game shop has been stocked with several bundles featuring Halloween accented cosmetics, horror movie franchise-inspired merchandise, unique blueprints, and more.