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How Can You Change Perks in Warzone 2


Fans that were eager to change perks in Warzone 2 will be left disappointed as it is currently not possible to change perks.

Perks in Call of Duty have always been useful ways to alter your gameplay, allowing players to experience the game in a way that is different from others. While fully customizable loadouts were a feature in the original Warzone, this seems to have changed in Warzone 2.

Instead of allowing players to choose their own perks to mix and match from, Warzone 2 has opted for something different.

How Can You Change Perks in Warzone 2

As stated before, instead of fully customizable perks like in older Call of Duty games and the original Warzone, players instead have to choose between eight different perk packs without being able to customize the perks. The perk packs are as follows:

  • Vanguard: Double Time, Bomb Squad, Resupply, High Alert
  • Commando: Scavenger, Strong Arm, Fast Hands, High Alert
  • Specter: Double Time, Tracker, Spotter, Ghost
  • Scout: Scavenger, Strong Arm, Focus, Ghost
  • Sentinel: Battle Hardened, Bomb Squad, Cold-Blooded, Overclock
  • Warden: Double Time, Strong Arm, Fast Hands, Overclock
  • Weapon Specialist: Overkill, Strong Arm, Spotter, Survivor
  • Recon: Double Time, Tracker, Focus, Birdseye

While more perk packs might be added in the future, this has not been confirmed.

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