How do Blueprints Work in Rocket League?

Photo Courtesy of Rocket League

For years, Rocket League has been one of the best games in regard to customization. No two cars are ever the same. There are so many options for your car, color, decal, wheels, etc.

Players will earn some rewards when they level up or if they're lucky, in drops. One area, that has some confusion around it is blueprints.

How do Blueprints Work in Rocket League?

Blueprints are the source of countless incidents of false excitement. You see the black market or exotic and think you got a brand new cool item, but it's just a blueprint.

Blueprints are craftable items that you earn as you level up. Blueprints can be any of the possible rarities and cost a different number of credits to make depending on the rarity. The only rarity that has no blueprints is common. Here's how much a blueprint at each rarity costs.

  • Black Market: 2,000-2,200 Credits
  • Exotic: 600-1,100 Credits
  • Import: 300- 800 Credits
  • Very Rare: 100-300 Credits
  • Rare: 50-150 Credits

Blueprints show what type of items you could possibly have. The only issue with them is not with the blueprints, it is with the credits. Before the past 7th Anniversary Event, credits have only been available to purchase in the store.