How do FIFA 22 FUT Champions Rewards Work?

Photo by EA Sports

EA Sports have completely revamped FUT Champions for FIFA 22 in terms of the amount of games, rewards, and qualifications for the weekend league.

New rewards and a lower amount of matches are pointing towards what could be a great year for FUT Champions players.

How do FIFA 22 FUT Champions Rewards Work?

FUT Champions Play-offs

To get into FUT Champions Finals, you must first qualify through the Play-offs.

In the play-offs, you need at least five wins in order to qualify for the weekend league.

  • RANK IV - 2x Jumbo Premium Gold pack
  • RANK III - 1 Gold Players Pack and 1 Premium Gold Players Pack
  • RANK II - 2 Premium Gold Players Pack, 1 Gold Players Pack, and FUT Champs Qualification
  • RANK I - 1 Mega Pack, 2 Rare Gold Packs, 1 Jumbo Gold Pack, and FUT Champs Qualification

Those rewards above are just the rewards available for the Play-offs section of FUT Champions.

FUT Champions Finals

Once you qualify for the Finals of FUT Champions, you now also qualify for its rewards.

Depending on the rank in which you finish, you will see a variety of rewards that consist of player picks for the Team of the Week, high value packs, coins, and qualification points.

The big change is that in this year's weekend league, even if you do not win a single game, you a guaranteed to get 2 TOTW player picks, 1 Premium Gold Players Pack, 1 Prime Gold Players Pack, 1 Jumbo Premium Gold Pack, 500 qualifications points, and 10,000 coins.

The change in rewards is one of the shining spots of this year's game. This means that qualifying for FUT Champions is so much more rewarding.