How Do Perks Work in Warzone 2?


In Call of Duty: Warzone 2, the rework of the Perk system is one of the biggest changes that have differentiated the sequel from its predecessor.

As was the case in the original Warzone, having your own Perks can drastically change the outcome of your matches in Warzone 2. Here's a breakdown of everything you need to know about how Perks work in Warzone 2.

How Do Perks Work in Warzone 2?

First and foremost, the Perks used in Warzone 2 themselves are the same as those that were first introduced in Modern Warfare 2.

The main difference in Warzone 2, however, is that players are not able to choose each and every Perk they want to use. Instead, you have to choose one of the eight premade sets from Infinity Ward. Each Perk Package includes four Perks:

  • Vanguard: Double Time, Bomb Squad, Resupply, High Alert
  • Commando: Scavenger, Strong Arm, Fast Hands, High Alert
  • Specter: Double Time, Tracker, Spotter, Ghost
  • Scout: Scavenger, Strong Arm, Focus, Ghost
  • Sentinel: Battle Hardened, Bomb Squad, Cold-Blooded, Quick Fix
  • Warden: Double Time, Strong Arm, Fast Hands, Quick Fix
  • Weapon Specialist: Overkill, Strong Arm, Spotter, Survivor
  • Recon: Double Time, Tracker, Focus, Birdseye

As can be seen from the options above, those wanting to use Overkill will have to use the Weapon Specialist Perk Package.

Lastly, Perk Packages can only be obtained in Warzone 2 by picking up your Loadout, which can be done via buying Loadout Drop Grenades, completing Strongholds or Black Sites, or by securing one during the Loadout Drop public event.

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