How Do You Get a Nuke in Warzone 2?

Warzone 2 players can now earn a nuke in the Battle Royale.
Warzone 2 players can now earn a nuke in the Battle Royale. / Activision, screenshot by Amanda Langell

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 introduced the Tactical Nuke killstreak to the Battle Royale.

Along with a new map, gulag, and looting system, Warzone 2 brings players a new opportunity unavailable in the original Warzone: dropping a game-ending bomb. Here's a breakdown on how to earn a nuke.

How to Get a Nuke on Al Mazrah

Win Five Consecutive Games

First, players must win five games in a row on Warzone 2. On their sixth game, players can begin the Champion's Quest.

Locate the Nuclear Materials

As the sixth game begins, three yellow Warzone logos will appear on the map. Players must travel to one and activate the quest. Their main objective is to locate the Periodic Elements—
Beryllium, Plutonium, and Tritium—to assemble the nuke.

The elements will eventually appear on the map individually, and players will have to pick up each item. Watch out for the negative effects: Beryllium puts a tracking device on you, Plutonium delivers constant radiation damage, and Tritium scrambles your radar.

Assemble the Nuke

After a triggered Jailbreak, a plane will drop the bomb on the map as the fourth circle collapses. Players have five minutes to reach the random location and assemble the nuke. All three nuclear materials must be deposited into the bomb.

The last step before detonation is to defend the bomb for two minutes. All remaining players can see where the bomb is on the map, so be prepared to fight off incoming enemies.

If you successfully defend the site, the bomb will explode after the two minutes, and you will win the match.

These steps must all be completed in a single match for a nuke to explode.