How Do You Play With Your Buddy on Pokemon GO?

Photo Courtesy of Pokemon GO

How do you play with your buddy on Pokemon GO? The release of buddy adventure in Pokemon GO brings about a new dimension to the game that fans are happy to see. Similar to the Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver games, players can now have a Pokemon walk with them on the screen like in the Nintendo DS remakes.

An upgrade from just having a buddy to gain candy, the new system has a heart based system that will increase item pick up rates and rarity as players and buddies form a stronger bond. Players can achieve more hearts by giving treats, walking, battling, taking a photo, visiting Poke-stops and playing with their buddies.

Here's how to play with your Pokemon buddy:

How Do You Play With Your Buddy on Pokemon GO?

Playing with your buddy requires AR just like it would when using AR to catch a Pokemon or taking a photo. After opening up the Pokemon GO app, players can either click on their profile and then click on their buddy (or choose buddy), or back on the main (playing) screen, tap on their buddy's profile image, right next to the player's profile. This will take them to their buddy's adventure profile.

In this profile is where a button will have the word play on it and can be tapped to enter play mode.

Like taking a photo of a Pokemon, a player must look around the area, preferably a flat, open area with the camera. The aim is to find yellow footsteps. Once they are located, tap the screen and your buddy Pokemon should appear. Depending on the Pokemon, a player may need to step back as the Pokemon is too big.

To play with your Pokemon buddy, a player can either tap or 'tickle' them and they will express an emotion that shows excitement or joy. In addition, swiping on them will make them perform a spin.

It's as easy as that to play with your Pokemon and earn hearts to develop a stronger bond with your Pokemon buddy. Keep doing it and players are a step closer to becoming best buddies with your Pokemon buddy (and completing Stage 2 of Johto research task).