How do You Sit in Animal Crossing?

How Do You Sit in Animal Crossing?
How Do You Sit in Animal Crossing? | photo courtesy of Nintendo

How do you sit in Animal Crossing? First off, can you even sit? Yes, now you are able to sit down next to your favorite characters in Animal Crossing! There are many things you can do with your villagers after you have set up the perfect village such as visiting their homes or giving them gifts but what about just relaxing with them? Thanks to the new update today, you will be able to simply sit along with villagers.

How Do You Sit in Animal Crossing?

This update is free and comes along with more textured hairstyles for players to choose from as well. Along with sit, Nintendo added new animations to the update such as yoga and exercise. Players no longer have to wait as it is up and ready to be downloaded as of today. Along with everything else, Turkey Day and Toy Day are coming to this new update as holidays for people to celebrate Thanksgiving and the Christmas season.

This would be a good time to pick up the game and start playing as a lot of people will be doing this holiday season as it's gifted to them or they decide to buy it for themselves. Animal Crossing players find happiness in the little things and sitting is a great addition to the game that they are appreciative for.