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How Do You Steal Security Plans in Fortnite

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How do you steal security plans in Fortnite is another challenge facing Epic Games' player base in recent weeks.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 has brought about a whole new series of challenges for players to complete. These tasks offer fun and useful rewards that provide an effective, stylish way to get a leg-up on their opponents. The theme for these events is undercover work and espionage. Individuals are given a role as a spy to work against another organization.

Stealing security plans is just one step in that grand mission design.

How Do You Steal Security Plans in Fortnite

There are currently two places you can steal security plans from: the yacht and the shark base. It tends to be easier to run this mission with friends as sneaking into a base on your own can be daunting.

Stealing from the Yacht

To steal the plans from the yacht, make your way to the northeast corner of the map and drop down so you enter at the lowest level of the boat. You don't want to alert anyone to your activities here. Make your way through the kitchen to reach the server and collect the plans from there.

You're going to deliver the plans to the parking lot in Steamy Stacks and place them in the corresponding mailbox to your faction.

Stealing from the Shark

To steal the plans from the shark base, you'll want to approach the island from the east. Some players have reported the easiest way to get there is by phone booth. However, as long as you make it in, you should be fine. Go up one floor and find the server room which is adjacent to the main atrium. Collect the plans from there and get out.

Head to Pleasant Park to deliver these plans to the appropriate mailbox.