How Does Overtime Work in Valorant Premier?

Riot Games

Riot Games released more information about the upcoming Premier mode in Valorant including answers to frequently asked questions.

Premier, akin to League of Legends' Clash mode, is the upcoming competitive playlist coming to Valorant. Premier is a competitive tournament playlist coming in Open Beta on Apr. 25. Riot Games announced that the game mode is expected to arrive in full this August around VCT Champions 2023. Premier serves as a bridge between those who might be queuing up competitive for fun without knowing the esports side of the game.

One difference between Premier and traditional competitive is the overtime rules.

How Does Overtime Work in Valorant Premier?

Here's how the overtime rules differ in Premier compared to standard competitive, per Riot Games' FAQ article:

"Overtime rules are different. The first team to win 12 rounds gains Overtime Priority. Team with Overtime Priority chooses Starting Side by voting, using a simple majority of the five players. If two sets of Overtime have been played, play one final round of Sudden Death. Sudden Death side choice is whatever the team with Overtime Priority chose during Overtime Starting Side Choice Phase."

Standard competitive matches when tied after regulation can vote on whether to continue playing overtime or end the match in a draw. With Premier being a tournament-based mode, matches cannot end in a draw so these new rules are implemented.