How Does Pity Work in Genshin Impact?

courtesy of miHoYo

Pity in Genshin Impact is a system ensuring players to get their money worth from wishing.

In Genshin Impact, miHoYo assures players that they will receive a four-star weapon or character on their 10th draw. This is a system built so that players do not have to endlessly rely on luck of the gacha system.

How Does Pity Work in Genshin Impact

A four-star item or character is guaranteed every 10 wishes with the pity system. Five-star items are a bit different; the pity rate varies from banner to banner for five star items and characters. Players can inform themselves with the drop rate by clicking 'details' from the certain wish event.

How to Check Pity

Wish History in Genshin Impact
Wish History in Genshin Impact /

The draw numbers do not stack with all banners combined- the numbers stack separately with each banner. It may be hard to keep track of every banner, but do not worry. MiHoYo does this for you.

To check one's pity process, players have to go to the 'Wish' menu and click 'History.' After selecting the wish type, players are able to view the wishes they made the past six months. The four stars and five star drops are noticeable with the words colored. If players aim to draw good items with limited resources, they should keep track of their Wish History to see how many times they have to draw.

Drop rate strategies vary depending on the banner type, such as the Limited Time Weapon Banner or Character banner.