How Does Warzone’s Doomsday Station Work?


A detailed guide on how Warzone’s Doomsday Station works.

Warzone Season 5 will be bringing in a ton of new features, including new playlists, weapons, and a new feature called the Doomsday Station.

According to the games blog, the Doomsday Station is a "seismic device found within Caldera’s primary Battle Royale game mode." The blog also says that only one Doomsday Station will spawn per match, with multiple spawn locations. Here's how to use it

How Does Warzone’s Doomsday Station Work?

Using the Doomsday Station is pretty easy, all players have to do is locate the station, then activate it by spending $10,000. Once the station is active, enemy helicopters will arrive at the station, surrounding players and then they will deploy enemy soldiers to attack. Make sure to remain close to the Doomsday Station and defend your squad mates until all the enemy soldiers are killed.

Upon completing the Doomsday Station, players will be rewarded with "powerful items" and a cosmetic watch for all operators. While the description is vague, expect the event to be similar to last season's black market missions that rewarded players with legendary guns to use upon completion.

Warzone Season 5 is set to release on Aug. 24, and will be the last season for Call of Duty Vanguard, so expect this season to end with a bang.