How Long Does it Take to Get Called Up in MLB the Show 22?

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How long does it take to get called up in MLB the Show 22?

MLB the Show is one of the most popular sports games out right now. Part of the success of the game is due to the vast amount of game modes. Fan-favorite modes like Diamond Dynasty offer an experience similar to FIFA's Ultimate Team, or modes like Franchise let players take control of their favorite baseball teams.

One mode that always garners attention is MLB The Show's career mode, aptly named "Road to the Show". This game mode allows players to create and customize their own baseball player. The customization is also very in depth with players being able to choose their position, backstory, playstyle and personality.

How Long Does it Take to Get Called Up in MLB the Show 22?

With the MLB having a harder path than other sports, players have to go through three different minor league divisions until they can get into the big leagues.

The main way to get called up in The Show is to have a higher rating than the starting player in your position on the team you're on. This method is one that takes the longest, and can take multiple seasons of grinding in the minors until your overall surpasses the person in front of you. Pitchers may have an easier time using this method however, because they just need an overall that's high enough to get into the starting rotation which varies depending on what pitchers a team has.

The second way a player can make it to the big leagues is to pick a team and then pick the position that the has the lowest rated player. An example of this would be Nationals Third-Baseman Carter Kieboom. With only a 70-overall, players can get called up before they even play in AAA, or at the most only a season.

With two methods of getting called up, it's entirely up to the player on how they want their character to develop.