How Long Does Winter Last in Kingdom Two Crowns?

How Long Does Winter Last in Kingdom Two Crowns?
How Long Does Winter Last in Kingdom Two Crowns? / Raw Fury

Kingdom Two Crowns gives players the ability to rule as a monarch in a fun strategy game. Players also can work to build out a kingdom, but one issue arises when winter comes to the kingdom.

The four seasons come and go within the kingdom, and with each season, different challenges arise. When starting out, the season is spring, but as players progress, so do the seasons from spring to summer, autumn, and winter.

Winter is the hardest season to play as most income sources disappear. It is a tough season in which players will hopefully build up a stockpile of goods and income to last through the season before spring comes.

How Long Does Winter Last in Kingdom Two Crowns?

Winter in Kingdom Two Crowns lasts for 16 days in-game. The season comes at the end of the year in the game, so before you enter winter on day 49 you will have been through 16 days of spring, summer, and autumn, respectively. This means that after winter ends, you will have 48 more days in the game to gear up and get ready for another winter.

Winter is a tough part of the game to play through as animals are found less frequently and spawn less while farming is more difficult with less growth and maturity due to the weather.

Playing Kingdom Two Crowns has many challenges along the way, but winter has to be the most difficult. Monarchs cannot expect to make it through the season without planning ahead.

If you spend your income too quickly and expand too much, getting through the winter might be impossible, and your kingdom's economy could suffer because of it.

Kingdom Two Crown is available to play on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile devices.