How Long is As Dusk Falls?


Players looking to purchase As Dusk Falls might be wondering how long the game is. According to HowLongToBeat, As Dusk Falls should take around six or seven hours to complete.

As Dusk Falls is the debut title from INTERIOR NIGHT that focuses on telling a powerful story without the use of traditional animation. Instead, the game cuts between still shots of the characters and setting. The title plays similarly to games such as Until Dawn and The Quarry in how players go through the story controlling specific characters, and those characters change as the story progresses.

How Long is As Dusk Falls?

While every player will have a different experience playing As Dusk Falls, on average it is estimated that beating the game will take somewhere between six and seven hours. This estimate was created by HowLongToBeat, a website that compiles user-reported times that it took to complete games in order to form an overall estimate.

Depending on whether you want to experience all of the different choices or play through the game again in co-op mode, As Dusk Falls can take a much different amount of time for each player. Still, six to seven hours is a good estimate for how long the game should take you.