How Long is Metroid Prime Remastered?

Nintendo, Retro Studios

With there being over a month since its release, it is safe to say that Metroid Prime has solidified itself within the hearts of all Metroid fans for being a very successful remake for the franchise.

In the 21 years since the release of the original Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime Remastered has been given severe graphic updates to its base-game in this remastered version for this action first-person shooter franchise.

The remake has been rated very highly by many different outlets and gamers alike, with the new features, as well as significant improvements to the old ones, many prospective players are excited to find out around how long their journey through Tallon IV is going to be.

How Long is Metroid Prime Remastered?

It will most likely take players around 10 to 20 hours to complete all of the games main story objectives, as well as accounting for any perfectionists trying to see and beat all the game has to offer.

The game will feature not only graphic updates, but additional challenges for players to overcome as they progress through the game naturally. For an extra challenge, players can opt to play in the hard mode of the game, which will most likely extend the normal length of the game due to the extra strategizing and planning players will need to do in order to beat this mode.

Metroid Prime Remastered came out last month on Feb. 8, and the physical copy can be ordered from Nintendo's official website here.