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How Long is Resident Evil Village?

How long does it take to explore and beat what Resident Evil Village has to offer? Players are delving headfirst into a new Resident Evil adventure following protagonist Ethan Winters as he explores a hellish vampire-lady bayou.

How Long is Resident Evil Village?

Depending on how extensive the player wants to get when obtaining collectibles, the entire experience on average would take 10-15 hours.

Say you wanted to strictly experience the story and didn't care to seek out collectibles or other treasures, the game could likely be finished under 10 hours. For someone who is taking their time more, making sure the headshots are just right and not a bullet is wasted, the entirety of the story would take a little longer.

What Bonus Objectives Are There?

Resident Evil Village has a plethora for the player to sink their teeth into for bonus content adjacent to the main story. Goats of Warding are Resident Evil Village's collectible this time around.

Resident Evil Village ingredients. Resident Evil Village recipes. How long is Resident Evil Village?

Additionally, ingredients found from the many livestock roaming the farmland and fishes swimming in ponds can be combined to create recipes with powerful effects. Weapon parts are another integral objective, using these parts to make your weapons stronger.

If you're really the speedrunner type, the developers threw in an achievement called "Dashing Dad," tasking the player to complete the story within 3 HOURS!

Resident Evil Village has a nice amount of bonus content to keep the player engaged from the main objective. Whether you attempt the three hour speed run, hunt down every Goat of Warding, or just go with the flow of the story, the length of Resident Evil Village seems to be satisfactory for fans of the series.

Resident Evil Village is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Google Stadia.