How Long is the Overwatch Offseason?

How long is the Overwatch offseason? It is a time for players to kick back, relax, and not worry so much about playing repetitive matches for competitive points. Blizzard usually likes to give its fans at least 24 hours to recharge their batteries and essentially take some time off, though that hasn't been the case in recent years. Fortunately, it looks like that's all about to change.

Here's all you need to know about this year's offseason.

How long is the Overwatch Offseason?

With the release of Role Queue, Blizzard has decided to give its players the time to test, provide feedback, and adjust the feature before throwing it out to competitive play indefinitely. They have allotted two weeks for this, meaning that though Season 17 ended on Aug. 13, Season 18 won't pick up until Sept. 1.

Therefore, the off-season between Season 17 and Season 18 is a little more than two weeks with the "Role Queue Beta Season" serving as an interim event in the meantime. Players can still earn competitive points and rewards during this time, but they won't affect the actual rankings.

This is a time to test your skills on other roles and practice before the next season—use it wisely. Who knows? Maybe you'll find a new home in a support character you've never considered before.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.