How Long is the Steam Stealth Fest?


Periodically, online game retailer Steam likes to put a spotlight on specific developers, publishers or genres of games on its platform, usually accompanied by a hefty discount on select games that include new and older titles that fit that particular theme. Hot off the heels of the Steam Summer Sale that ended just a few weeks ago, the Steam Stealth Fest is coming to celebrate sneaky games in the dark. Here's how long you have to enjoy it.

Steam's "Fests" are genre-based discounts that cover a large swath of games on the Steam platform. Earlier this year Steam held a Sports Fest and Puzzle Fest that discounted games from those genres. These fests present a more focused alternative to huge, overwhelming sales like the Steam Summer Sale and Steam Winter Sale.

How Long is the Steam Stealth Fest?

According to a trailer put out by Steal owners Valve, the Steam Summer Sale begins today, July 24, and will last for one week, meaning it ends on July 31.

A selection of games previewed in the trailer includes critically-acclaimed games like Stray and Alien: Isolation, indie gems like Monaco: What's Yours is Mine and early-access titles like Gloomwood. The Steam Stealth Fest doesn't include just pure-stealth games however, and also highlights stealth action titles like the recent Assassin's Creed titles.

Stealth has long been a fairly niche genre of games owing to slow-paced and difficult gameplay, but perhaps the Stealth Fest will do some work in bringing this genre to a larger audience of gamers.