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How Many Apex Legends Seasons Will be Released in 2022?

Photo by Respawn Entertainment

The start of the new year gets Apex Legends fans and players wondering how many seasons will be released in 2022?

The current season in Apex Legends, Season 11, will end Feb. 8, which will also be the start date of Season 12.

How Many Apex Legends Seasons Will be Released in 2022?

In both 2020 and 2021, Respawn Entertainment released three new seasons each year on top of the one players were playing into the new year.

Seasons in Apex Legends typically average around 92 days, approximately three months each.

Season 3 was Apex Legend's longest season lasting 126 days and Season 6 was their shortest season lasting 78 days, aside from the Preseason, lasting 43 days.

Similar to other seasons that have started in February, Season 12 will most likely end in early May.

That means fans will also see three new legends, including one that has been speculated to be Season 12's new Legend, Maggie. It's also possible for Respawn to release a new weapon as eight out of eleven seasons also released new weapons.

Respawn will most likely follow their usual routine and release a new season every three months, so in 2022 fans can likely expect three releases and four seasons in total this new year.