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How Many Biomes are in Returnal?

PlayStation's footage of Returnal showing Atropos.
PlayStation's footage of Returnal showing Atropos. / Courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

How many biomes are in Returnal? We got the answer, and more information, on the biomes found in Sony Interactive Entertainment's installment!

How Many Biomes are in Returnal?

The short answer is that Returnal has six biomes in total. Each of them is in a different area on Atropos. Every biome has one boss that players must fight against in order to advance in the game. According to the player base in various social media platforms, each biome has a vastly different difficulty. Some claim to be stuck in the first two or three biomes due to this, but at the moment the independent game developer that released the game, Housemarque, is concerned with bugs that they are aware of according to their Twitter page.

Those biomes are Overgrown Ruins, Crimson Wastes, Derelict Citadel, Echoing Ruins, Fractured Wastes, and Abyssal Scar. Every time a player defeats the boss of a biome, even if just once, they'll be able to get a key that allows them to walk through a door that will lead them to the next biome, without having to fight the boss all over again.

Bear in mind that after the credits roll, and you have seen all of those six biomes, the game is technically not finished. Players can still track down the Sunface Fragments that are scattered across the planet so that they may unlock a secret ending to the game.