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How Many Courses Are There in Two Point Campus?

Probably an Archaeology lecture
Probably an Archaeology lecture / Image Courtesy of SEGA and Two Point Studios

Any good university is judged by how many courses they offer. Despite being a user-generated simulation university, Two Point Campus is no different.

Two Point Campus, released yesterday by Two Point Studios and SEGA, offers players the chance to build and manage their own university. Think of it as a cross between the Sims and the popular Tycoon titles.

Just like a real school, an integral part of improving one's Two Point Campus university is the number and quality of the courses that it offers. A variety of courses attracts new students which generate valuable tuition revenue. If students excel in the courses they take, the university's academic reputation also improves.

How Many Courses Are There in Two Point Campus?

Players of Two Point Campus have 17 distinct courses they can offer their students. In name, they are Scientography, Virtual Normality, Gastronomy, Funny Business, Robotics, Internet History, General Knowledge, Knight School, Money Wangling, Dark Art, Wizardry, Academic Exercise, Musicality, Countercultural Studies, Archaeology, and School of Thought.

Course Points are used to add different courses and level them up. They are earned by completing other tasks within the game. Each different subject also has different monetary, physical, and educational requirements before it can be offered to students. For example, Money Wangling requires a Lecture Theatre and a Computer Lab for the course to be conducted. It also obviously needs a Money Wangling professor, so players will need to hire one. It also requires an average tuition level of $7500, and more.

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Two Point Campus is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, macOS, and Linux.