How Many Floors are in Luigi's Mansion 3?

How many floors are in Luigi's Mansion 3? The short answer is 17, but there's plenty of interesting tidbits to know about them as you traverse the many diverse areas of Nintendo's latest spooky adventure game featuring everyone's favorite green plumber brother. Here is a breakdown of each floor in the latest hit on the Nintendo Switch.

Luigi's Mansion 3 Floors

Overall, there are 17 floors, each with its own unique environment and challenge. Here is every floor in the game:

  • Boilerworks: the lowest floor, home to the mansions sewage
  • Basement: the headquarters of Professor E. Gadd
  • Grand Lobby: the central hub of the mansion that houses haunted portraits of Mario, Peach, and Toad
  • Mezzanine: houses the dining room
  • Hotel Shops: an indoor shopping area that also contains the lost and found
  • The Great Stage: an auditorium with a grand piano
  • RIP Suites: filled with hotel rooms for Mario, Peach, and Luigi. Also contains a mini golf course
  • Castle MacFrights: the coliseum where Knight MacFright sits
  • Garden Suites: an indoor greenhouse area completely overgrown with plants
  • Paranormal Productions: a movie studio with various sets that contains a teleporter to various other floors
  • Unnatural History Museum: an exhibit with an undead T-Rex skeleton
  • Tomb Suites: a desert floor with a pyramid and mummy enemies
  • Twisted Suites: a carnival themed floor with twisted carny enemies
  • The Spectral Catch: a restaurant made to look like a pirate' lair
  • Fitness Center: contains an indoor swimming pool
  • The Dance Club: a disco club with light up floors and ceilings
  • Master Suite: the hotel room of King Boo and Hellen Gravely

Photo courtesy of Nintendo