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How Many Games Does Nintendo Switch Sports Have?

Image courtesy of Nintendo

With today's launch of Nintendo Switch Sports, players might be wondering how many games it has.

It seems Wii Sports finally has its sequel. Nintendo Switch Sports. Set in a sports facility called Spocco Square, the game will no doubt have players feeling nostalgic toward the Wii's most famous venture. This time, players will be utilizing the Joy-Cons in a variety of sports. Some returning from the previous entry, while others brand new.

While Miis still make an appearance in Nintendo Switch Sports, a new type of character called "Sportsmates" have been introduced. These characters have a little bit more detail to them than the simple Miis of yore.

While Nintendo Switch Sports hopes to be just as fun as its predecessor, players will likely want to know just how many games are included.

All Nintendo Switch Sports Minigames Detailed

At the time of writing, Nintendo Switch Sports currently has six minigames for players to choose from. These are:

  • Tennis
  • Bowling
  • Chambara
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton

Tennis, bowling, and chambara (swordfighting) are all returning games from Wii Sports. Soccer, volleyball, and badminton are brand new minigames for Nintendo Switch Sports. In soccer, players can utilize the Leg Strap accessory, included with the physical copy of the game. At launch, the Leg Strap will only be usable with Soccer Shootout-Mode, but a planned update further down the line hopes to add the functionality to full soccer matches.