How Many Guns are in Borderlands 3?

How many guns are in Borderlands 3? Supposedly, It's an absurd number. Like stupid absurd where you will probably never grab every possible gun in the game.

The game is built on variations so most of the guns are slightly changed from the original.

How Many Guns are in Borderlands 3?

According to trailers for Borderlands 3, there will be 1 billion guns inside the game. Yes, 1 billion. That's technically 57 times the number of weapons in Borderlands 2.

The hype started building for the game once the gameplay trailer was revealed. It showcased the engine, graphics, and fighting inside the next iteration of the series. And there were a lot of guns. I mean a lot of them. There were some amazing vehicles and Gearbox Software is clearly trying to showcase a massive open-world experience.

Photo courtesy of Gearbox Software