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How Many Gyroids Are in ACNH?

Gyroids in ACNH
Gyroids in ACNH / Photo via Nintendo Direct

Nintendo has finally brought the beloved Gyroids back in the most recent update to Animal Crossing: New Horizons and players are excited to see them make their glorious return in the series.

There are 36 Gyroids in the current update of Animal Crossing.

In previous games, Gyroids could only be dug up and not built with fragments. They were more commonly spotted after it rained in your town.

How Many Gyroids Are in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

In New Leaf, the Gyroids were able to be placed in your home and interacted with, but in games like City Folk, Brewster would store then for you at his cafe, The Roost.

Many players have gotten creative with what they're using their Gyroids for, so how do you get them?

How to Get Gyroids in ACNH?

To acquire Gyroids, players can dig up Gyroid fragments and "grow" Gyroids. These are most commonly found on Kapp'n Boat Tours.

From there, players can then plant the fragment like a tree or a bush and eventually the fragment will turn into a fully-grown Gyroid.

Gyroids can also be found on the player's home island and dug up in their fully-formed versions. Like previous games, it's most common for them to be found after it rains.

Only five Gyroids can be on a person's island at a time, so players must dig up previous Gyroids for more to spawn.